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Saturday, November 30, 2013

saving pennies at the table

it's been a while since I was here but I will be doing my best to update regularly with deals I find and the like. I will be adding a few fun things over time, the first is my menu. Each Saturday morning I will be posting what we will have to eat that following week. These will be under $50 for a family of 4. I will have leftovers for use in other meals, this is an amazing savings in and of itself. I shop for my groceries at aldi for the most part. I get my ground beef and chickenn leg quarters from save a lot, and anything else I may need comes from WalMart.

so, for this week, starting with Friday, we are having:

Friday is taco salad
Saturday is thanksgiving leftover pie
Sunday I am making a pot of beans and cornbread
Monday we will have beef stroganoff with peas and mashed potatoes.
Tuesday its potato soup
Wednesday we have a pot of chili
and Thursday its salsa chicken with refried beans left over from our Sunday dinner.

in total we might use $20 of what we bought Friday, and it sets us up for some great meals for next week!

if you would like the recipes I use, comment below! With enough comments I will start posting the recipes on a daily basis! Until next time,lots of frugal lovin and merry Christmas!